Defiance - Arkfall Debris Mission Gameplay Video

Irisa wants to punch someone, hard.

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Lmao this game looks terrible.  Nice job throwing the character to the left of the screen, that hasn't been done before to annoy people.  The first socom had it right.  Centered character model with the crosshair above your head.  Apparently gamespot doesn't know how to spell crosshair either, telling me I'm spelling it wrong.

Kevin-V moderator staffstaff

@griffy2013 Seriously, dude? If you are talking about the comment box, that's not GameSpot doing that--that's your browser. If you have a problem with what words appear in Chrome or Firefox's online dictionary, which decides what words to underline in red, you need to take that up with Google or Mozilla. But I like that you take that to mean that "GameSpot is telling you you are spelling it wrong." Also, GameSpot faked the moon landing and is hiding proof of aliens living among us.


@Kevin-V I thought you would be more worried about my review of the game rather than the spelling errors lol.  Glad to know it is Chrome and not Gamespot.