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We bring in David Nottingham (Co-Founder of Dynamighty) to show off CounterSpy. Watch as we go deep undercover in the world of excitement and espionage. Join the chat and ask questions directly to the devs!

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Not to start this conversation, but socialists/communists have been the most imperialistic nations throughout history. The Soviet Union was actually comprised of a Russian nation whose insatiable imperialistic goals led to a take over and total control of as many as 15 countries between the 1920's and 1990's.

The United States, has fought and won many wars and often stuck its hand in were it didnt belong, but in each and every case, peacefully relinquished control of conquered territory.  

The US has used money and offers of protection (usually from true imperialistic socialist governments) in order to influence nations but i find it absurd when the US is called imperialist. America is possibly the only nation that has every existed to be the most powerful on Earth and not forcefully add foreign lands in an attempt to create an empire.

This is still true today.  While we marched out of a conquered Iraq with nothing but what we took in with us, Russia took over Crimea, a part of the nation of Ukraine, with ideas of eventually taking over the whole country. 

This game looks interesting, but its no more historically accurate than Bioshock or Call of Duty. 

I apologize for my off topic rant. I just caught Grace say "The US....i mean Imperialist...Freudian slip..." and wasnt sure if she was kidding. Lord knows they arent teaching actual history in public schools these days....

I am definitely into checking CounterSpy out though. It seems cool.


@Alecmrhand Eh.  They're In San Fran.  Whaterya gonna do?

There is a pervasive mindset these days that I won't go into because it's exhausting, but yeah...  I hear you.

The game will look good on my Vita, though, and I'm pretty excited about it.