Big in Asia: Atelier Ayesha

Young girls of ambiguous age? Poison rats? Bombs that summon tree trunks? All this and more as Jonathan & Randolph check out the recent English-localized Atelier game in this Big in Asia episode.

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    Ever wonder what our friends across the sea are crazy about these days? Join Jonathan and Randy as they play the games topping charts all around Asia!

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    looks pretty but tooooo slow for me


    There are so many other great Asian rpgs that should be localized instead of the Altier series. While ok in their own right, some of the rpgs released in Asian countries are simply amazing looking and gameplay looks solid. Come on devs, bring us the other goodies too please.


    I enjoyed the show, keep it up.


    This alchemy stuff reminds me of Dragon Quest IX for NintendoDS. That was some hardcore addicting alchemy, man!


    I bought Totori and Meruru out of sheer curiosity, last year.

    I've played about 5 hours into Totori, and found it very boring. The alchemy thing was kinda cool, but I felt like it was too complex, in contrast with how simple the rest of the game felt. Really long cutscenes and some terrible voice acting really annoyed me too.

    I'll probably return to it someday; again, out of curiosity. But I think these games would be far more interesting with the option to trade materials and created items, online.


    @Lhomity I have got my platinum in Atelier Totori and I can tell you that the alchemy system is actually quite simple when you get how it works.

    Its not for everyone, though, at first it felt really weird, how the map worked and how "low-budget" it tends to feel, but somehow it grew on me and I ended up replaying it to get every ending and the platinum trophy.

    Atelier Meruru, on the other hand, while looks and feels a bit more polished, can feel like a chore when 2 million people request stuff from you and you barely finish something when more is thrown at you. I liked the downtimes in Totori, which I could use to explore or synthesise stuff just to discover the item or its effects.


    my god this looks emo


    @silversix_ Hello and welcome to the JRPG genre. Where have you been for the past decade or two?