Albino Lullaby - Now Playing

Mary Kish takes on this first person horror-adventure game as she tries to solve puzzles and work her way through the narrative.



no offense to you Mary but you guys need to bring back Jess and Zorine!!


interesting design. I like the child-like art :) in a way, it helps make the game safer....but in another way it makes the game look even more even creepier...

@merrykish : Is this the new "House of horrors"? By the way: did you finish "Five nights at Freddy's"?

fobwashed gamerep

Gotta hit the gym. I hope I'll be able to catch the tail end of this when I get back live >,<

hotkoolaid moderator moderatorstaff

@_Judas_ House of Horrors could never be replaced! I just happened to do a few scary games in a row.  Now Playing will remain a live show for all types of games :)