Age of Wushu - Launch Trailer

Age of Wushu is now avaible because Jet Li says it is.

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    The game is intresting and booring at the same time the interface and leveling is booring as fuck caues i dont understand it at all


    I'll ignore this game simply because of all the AoW spammers lately on gamespot. With marketing like that it's bound to be CRAP


    I think the game design is brilliant, but all Snail needs to do is getting more users into the server. Otherwise it won't be fun as a player based sandbox.


    I've heard that you can even keep progressing your character offline in this game. What kinds of activities can you do while not actually in-game?


    what a huge client, the game gotta be good downloading now


    @wanaskug i hope you're just joking you might be disappointed. TSW was 40gb and many people didn't like it.


    i will try it just for Jet Li xD