Vampire sucks blood

User Rating: 8 | Vampire Night PS2
Similar to house of the dead and time crisis, as sega and capcom team up to make this one. Excellent pin sharp colourful graphics with great effects, and very fast gunplay. Fantastic 2 player co-operative and no split screen !.
Or just use 2 guns yourself and act like a john woo movie. Great controll layout with a tap on the side or underneath buttons reloading your gun with your index finger on the trigger and your thumb on the reload button make you ready as you'll ever be. Quite a short game but than most gun games are. There is great extras on board though that sees you completing mini games to buy better guns and items for the story mode. you will die in the story mode but then you are given more credits for the next play like time crisis. Great shooter this one, and a great 2 player with a full screen.