Among the timeless classics

This game certainly has what it takes to be a great game. the game is solid all around and is a definite must for anyone remotely interested in all kinds of fantasy and rpg games. All the classes are fun to play as for their each unique styles of play. Barbarian - the ultimate melee character with his brute strength and brawn, he is a force to be toyed with (warning ... do not toy with this) Sorceress - the elemental mage of the selectable classes, with her destructive lightning, fire and cold spells and the ability to teleportm she is potentially one of the funnest classes to play Necromancer - good fun if u like dead things and dark sided stuff Paladin - my personal favourite with his strong melee, and defensive and offensive auras that give bonuses to parties and himself Amazon - fun for ranged attacks and generally just a good time to be had with this class Druid - my 2nd favourite with the shapeshifting ability that can make this class almost unstoppable Assassin - another great alternative for a good time to be had with combo attacks and dual blade weapons