Good heavens they put 3 after the title. And made such a lightweight engine too.

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament III PC
When I first heard of the Unreal 3 Engine (about 4 years ago I suppose) my first thought was - expect the new tournament to be the same like the others except the graphics, of course. Then was the official announcement and the title UT 2007! Yeah, like EA style. Every year something new but the same.
As the game finally arrived (with the 3 in the title) I spent some time reading the reviews. Of course many of those reviews were like "Yeah, not bad, but nothing new"
and I said to myself "Maybe they should have kept the 2007". But after 15 hours spent with the game I must say it's magnificent. The dynamics, the game play, everything was as good as it was in UT 2004 (my favorite part by the way) in some ways even better. And the graphics - I supposed that my machine (AMD 5000+, 2GB RAM, 8600GT 512MB - not a very good choice for hardcore gaming) would be good enough for medium, but even on highest the frame rate was like 30-40 fps. Very nice!
About the story - well the idea of the tournament based warfare is not the best one but it suits me well. As a matter of fact there are lots of cutscenes, explaining why are you fighting with the other guys. I can say good things about the main protagonist, this Reaper guy, and his team. Well his sister really annoyed me, but Bishop and Othello, well they're the right guys.
The new things - the Onslaught concept evolved into Warfare with additional orb hunting. The idea is pretty good but if you're playing multy you'll need guys with a little more brain in your team if you want to win. The new vehicles are nice but nothing amazing. As a mater of fact the Dark Walker is like a twin brother of the machines from War of the Worlds and has many common things with the Strider from Half Life.
So, based on my expectations, my experience with the final version of the game I must say: Unreal Tournament 3 is a game worth playing. And it's worth playing a lot of time.