Metal Gear ever will be a hit, this Metal Gear return with the basic ideas of the first metal Gear.

First at all maybe here you don't play with Solid Snake but at least it's a character like Solid, and it is his father Big Boss (we have to admit that Rayden isn't like Snake), after this little commentary it's time to give this game what it deserves.

Graphics: As ever Konami is close to perfection with Metal Gear, the entire game looks awesome, it looks great when you're in the jungle or when you are in a complex, the character looks well and his movements are great, with some actions never seen in Metal Gear before.

Story: Great story, it's very sad in certain moments but remains awesome, in certain moments you remember James Bond and it looks funny, and at the final you will be without words.

Sound: Pretty good, the jungle sounds well.

Conclusion: This is a great game, i think that no one can lose it, if you're fanatic you love it, and if not it's sure that you'll enjoy it.