Metal Gear Solid 3 only needs one word to describe it and that word is.....................................calorie mate.

User Rating: 9.7 | Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater PS2
The Metal Gear Solid series has been known for it's outstanding graphics, it's brilliant story telling, and it's incredibly complex yet efficient gameplay style. I wasn't sure if I would like the style, the predecessors had staged for this epic follow-up, but I did. MGS3's main story comes from it's many cut-scenes, which won't cater to the casual gamer whose looking for a shoot em' up, MGS3's style is brilliant if you're patient and you're looking for an incredible story.

The basic gameplay in MGS3 revolves around stealth, so once again if you aren't patient look elsewhere, you will be spending much of your time on the ground hiding from you're enemy. You are in the jungle so the right camouflage will be required. Along with camouflage you'll need a weapon that is very quite, and doesn't start a ruckus among the other guards. You're in the jungle so when you're hungry, you won't be able to drive by your local Burger King, and get your Whopper and fries. How does snake sound, well obviously snake tends to like it. Along with other jungle animals such as rats and birds you will be at many times be forced to eat calorie mates. This really hits Solid Snakes appetite, these at most times will regenerate all of his strength. Also when snake does all of his fancy tricks, he won't have a doctor to help him when he biffs a backflip. Snake will be forced to use splints, and bandage straps when he breaks something, he'll be forced to use ointment and other various things such as burns and snake bites. Now to the boss fights, the boss fights in MGS3 are one thing, PERFECT. These are most certainly the highlight of the game and merely flawless. You'll be forced to face a number of bosses who all have their special skill, that challenges you to become stronger, and more motivated to challenge the boss for superiority.

Metal Gear Solid's graphics are top notch, challenging and prevailing against most games before it. The effects that occur during the boss fights, are mind blowing and will change your opinion about what the top games needs when it comes to graphics. At certain instances during the cut-scenes, the characters and landscapes are so detailed, they seem no different then a movie you'd see on television. The sound which was done by a full orchestra fits every scene perfectly. This music is incredible and expresses wonderful emotions. When you finally reach the Boss the cut-scene -- orchestral performance is something special, truly a work of art.
The only thing that keeps this game from being perfect is it's short time of gameplay, but if you're willing to watch a lot of cut-scenes and go through about 13 hours of actual gameplay you will be astonished by this great game and piece of art. So in turn anyone who considers themselves a gamer must play this, if you don't you are missing out on one of the best games of 2004, and a top game of all time.