Two Worlds - Like Opera, you either love it or hate's how to tell.

User Rating: 8.5 | Two Worlds X360
Two Worlds is Two Different Games.

Game 1: Your first hour with Two Worlds (Also known as "the WTF, this isn't Oblivion...hour"). a.k.a "Wait a minute that super hot babe at the beginning is my sister! You Suck!"

Game 2: The rest of your time with Two Worlds.

Two Worlds has a one hour "Love it or Hate it" timeframe. During which you will be maimed, bit, stabbed, bludgeoned, fried…in essence brought to a fast and untimely death, by anything that so much as sneezes on you. Which actually isn't too bad as you immediately respawn close to where you were killed, no penalties. (Semi SPOILER: Unless you follow the Main Quest line to the "Cave" in which there is a chest with a decent pair of armor in it. There is also a Grom Village nearby that you grab a decent spear from, after you kill about 10 of them.)

Now during this one hour affair with the dark side of Oblivion, pay close attention to the voice acting. If after 15 minutes you’re laughing at everything they say, keep playing. On the other hand if you start clawing your face and begin speaking in tongues return game immediately (Neosporin helps with the scratches).

Next, during your hour, if you have played Oblivion, you will remember the combat system, attack, attack, attack, wash rinse repeat. You will get killed quickly in 2W if you do this. There is a "Jump Back" button (B) which you use to avoid oncoming attacks. Do this, or die.

Then there is the unforgivable quest screen. All your quests are there on the right hand toolbar, but good luck getting any decent navigation from the minimap. Use your main map to find the general location of the quest and then use a General "North, East, South, West" direction to get close. Once you've completed a quest, thank god, the quest giver will start flashing "Green" on the mini map.

And then there was a whinny...
Horse riding is kind of like, horse whispering. If you don't have it, your horse will make direction changes without you asking, stop on a dime if it runs into the cement like human beings running around, completely change direction for no apparent reason, and my favorite, as a joke, stop you right in the middle of a camp of mobs. Just remember you are the boss! You aren’t going let glue treat you like that! Take Control!

Your first hour complete....
Now we can get into the good and the Bad:

The Bad:
If you survived your fist hour, that's when you will start making the Oblivion comparison's. The texture detail and overall appearance is not nearly as polished as Oblivion. The voice acting is bad, yes, but hilarious: "Forsooth!" You can't "Arrange" your inventory into different Item groups, which isn't so bad as you can't carry a whole lot. The quest screen is HARD to get used too, you just have to be a little smarter then the average gamer, as it doesn't do quest organization for you.

The Good:
Is lot more fun then Oblivion, for a few reasons, different weapons have actual, understandable, different affects on monsters. Don't even bother using the slashing/piercing weapon on a skeleton, you will barely do any damage, you need to bludgeoning weapon to crack bone! Oh and if it's a ghost do you really think that sword, axe, or mace is going to do anything to it? Fry up some ectoplasm by breaking out the Spells! This combat system brings a whole new element into the game without it being distracting to the overall flow of the game.

And then there was "B". One button makes combat totally different from Oblivion. In Oblivion you used a Shield to block attacks (did anyone every use the shield? I sure didn't, except to level.). In Two Worlds you attack until you see the Mob "Attack Tell" and hit the (B) button, swish the attack misses as you adeptly feint back from the blow. This is actually a lot of fun, and makes combat much more immersive then Oblivion.

There are also other "Accents" (like the ability to kick dirt in your enemies face to confuse them) that add a lot more depth to combat.

Everything Else:
When you are past the beginning, I guarantee you will have a lot of fun the rest of the time. The side quests and story line quests are enjoyable and for the most part interesting (again, you must think bad voice acting is funny).

Overall, Two Worlds is an enjoyable, laugh out loud kind of game.

For all those that played and loved Oblivion, it's not Oblivion, which ends up being a good thing.