This game is simply amazing...

User Rating: 9.8 | Twinsen's Odyssey PC
Wow. Just wow. I got this game with my computer when it came out. I was only 7, and yet me and a friend really got into the game. It took us almost a half-year to beat it, but hell, that half-year was worth it. First off, the characters are awesome. It may seem like some cartoon anime kids show kinda thing, BUT IT'S NOT! It's much, much better than this. Way better. The characters are all wonderful. Secondly, the storyline is awesome. How Gamespot gave it an 8.1 is beyond me. Even as picky as they are, it shoulda at least got a 9.2 or so. Everything about this game is just wonderful. Instead of wasting your time reading a review, why the hell don't you just go BUY IT!