The most fun i have had in ages !

User Rating: 8.5 | Trine PC
When it comes to just plain fun from start to finish, Trine is at the top. From the moment i started playing this i was hooked, and to say the least i played the game straight through to the end.

As you assume the role of three characters namely a thief, a wizard and a warrior you set out on an adventure filled with amusing puzzles and quirky action. The 3 classes add great variety to the game play, and players are able to solve the levels based on their own creative solutions.

Trine offers everything one needs for a great game. This would have scored a perfect 10 if it was a bit longer as the game is rather easy to finish within a short time frame. The game looks beautiful and continuously creates new landscapes as one progresses through the levels.

A definite recommendation for anyone who enjoys action, adventure, and no nonsense raw fun !