Fun for all the family.

User Rating: 8 | TrackMania PC
I found that this game was great fun from as soon as i installed it. The first few maps in single player are very easy but this very quickly changes and you will soon get on to maps which take you a few trys to get a good time. It is always funny to see what sort of stunts you can make in your own maps. When you finaly get bored with the single player and making some of your own maps you can just go on the internet and get some maps that other people have made. There are thousands out there and this can be fun to challenge your self to complete a map. Then there is the internet play, it is very fun to race against other people on maps you have never seen before and see who can set the fastest time. All in all this game will stay fun for a long time and as there is always new maps being made you can never run out of maps to play.