Things that are my favorites Miss. Simon's 2nd Grade class

User Rating: 1.5 | Toys SNES
My favorite thing to eat is sandwitches for lunch. They are good. My favorite thing to put on them is mustard. One time I made a sandwitch and put only mustard on it. It was good but then my brother beat me up and told me that it was gross. I don't like my brother, except for the times when he is cool. He isn't cool very much though.

My favorite game to play is Toys for my Super Nintendo. It is only my favorite because it is the only game that I have for Super Nintendo. I found it on the street. I wish I had more super Nintendo games but my mom says they are too aspensive.

Toys is a hard game, my brother says it is eye-so-metric but I don't know what that means. I think that it means that it is really hard to hit the bad guys. The bad guys hit me but I can't hit them because the weapons just go right past them. It is really frustrating and makes me want to cut myself. The graphics in this game are really boring and the sound is annoying and I dont like it. I dont really like anything about Toys and its not fun.

I hope that my mom buys me more super Nintendo games because I cant get passed the first level of Toys and every second that I have to play it fills me with a sense of hopelessness, ennui and knowledge that the world can be cruel and unfair . I hope 3rd grade is better.