A movie based game, and it's....GOOD?

User Rating: 8 | Toy Story 3 PS3
I bought this game because I love the toy story movies and the game looked good (and it also came with a ticket to see toy story 3), so I got it. And it's pretty good!

The good: Toy box mode is really fun, The graphics are good as well, it's easy to pick up and play

The bad: Story mode sucks, some controle issues.

I'm going to divide this review into segments for convenience.

Story: The story lossely (and I mean VERY lossely) follows the plot of the movie, but that's not why you'd want this game. The only good part of story mode is the buzz lightyear game within the game.

Gameplay/controles: The gameplay is very simple, and it's easy to pick up and play for gamers of all ages. The basic controles work, but the driving controles suck.

Toy box mode: Now this is the reason to buy this game, in toy box mode you get to run around a western town and you get to do (pretty much) what ever you want, you can pick up and throw other toys, you can shrink and grow things, you can do jobs for coins, you can visit a haunted house, space, and the list goes on and on, you could mess about in toy box mode untill the PS3 becomes obsolete and I don't think you'll have done everything there is to do.

Exsclusive content: If you buy the PS3 version of the game, you can play as zurg in toy box mode (after you unlock it) and while this sounds cool at first, he only has a few missions to do, and once you've done that all you cand do is run around and shoot civilinans with his ball gun. You also have a zurg mobile thing, and that's fun for a while, but as I said, the vehical controles suck.

Overall: You should get this game, if you have a kid (or younger brother) who wants it, it could be a good excuse to play around in toy box mode, and it won't dissapoint you.