a new kind of resident evil game.

the game takes place on a cruise ship. you are bruce mcgaven, a guy saent to kill the dude from resident evil 0 from spreading the t-virus to anywhere else. you also meet a chinese girl who is sent there for the same reason.

the first thing you notice about the game is the gameplay. you now have a third person view when your walking but go in to a first person view when your shooting. with that said,you cant move the camera up and down, and thats just irritating.the ship is all the environment you have so you cant really explore alot. you will do alot of item collecting. the game is only three or four hours long. this is good because if you played this game for a long time, it would be crapy.

the graphics are okay.the zombies dont look qiute convincing, but the superb lighting makes them look even more menacing. and you can only see a good ten feet in front of you. so when you hear a zombie you cant see, it senda a chill down your spine.

the sound is exellent, the zombies sound real. and when your in a room all alone, you can hear the faint sound of the engine which makes you nervous when something jumps out at you.

this game is really good for a resident evil evil fan. but most think it isnt. what ever. i reccommend you buy this game.