Very cool and it's something differrent. Only for the most hard core MGS fans.

MGS: DGN is a refreshing and different direction from the original MGS series. It is a comic book complete with sound effects, sound track, and movement. It is a recreation of the original Metal Gear Solid game for The Playstation. If you still have the actual game then I wouldn't suggest buying MGS: DGN but if you don't have the original or you would just like a new take on the game than this is it. Be prepared to do some reading because this is of course a novel. The Drawings are very cool and the music and sound effects are great. The only problem with the game is that the text bubbles move on a timer and the text sometimes moves faster than you can read. You may have to re-watch scenes to get all the dialogue and the game offers very little to help slow the text down. The story is almost identical to the original game but it contains a memory search mode where hidden in each picture are "memories" that you must find. Once you have found the memories, you go to this grid and connect the memories to complete full memories. These completed memories provide extra info and extra scenes in the game. Although its not really a game, Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphics Novel is a great addition to ones MGS collection.