This is a MUST HAVE game for any PC or Xbox owner. It is an awesome FPS and raises the bar for FPs games forever.

This is one of the best FPS games since 007 Golden Eye. This definitly raises the bar for all FPS games just like Golden Eye. It has a great story, Sound, and will last you a long time. While the low point of the game aren't really bad. Th gameplay gets a bit repetitive and mindless, but you get so caught up in the game you dont even think about it. The graphics are pretty nice. They arent the best the PC has to offer and I had hoped they wouldve been enhanced a little, but they are still pretty good looking.

The Sound track for this game really is one of the best that has been done next to the catchy Nintendo tunes. So this is the best SERIOUS soundtrack in a game. The voices are awesome. Its fun to hear even in the middle of the game what the marines, grunts or elites are al saying. It keeps things interesting. Then the gameplay is pretty cool and definitly makes the game. The best part about the gameplay is the online. Its just a bunch of fun that never gets old even if it is repetitive. So the gameplay is a little repetitive and recycled at time, but you are so into it you dont notice. There is tons to keep you interested. This rivals Golden Eye what many people including myself call the best FPS ever made.

This is a game you must have in your collection if you are even remotely interested in FPS games. One of the best parts are its only $20. IT may be a little old, but even now, Its still a game that never gets old and is fun no matter how much you play it.