Teamwork game play at its finest... Most of the time.

A year or so ago I needed a dose of FPS game where I could gladly blow stuff up and also blow up some steam out of my system by killing virtual polygons, bleeding imaginary enemies and just blow stuff up for the sheer pleasure of doing so without a care in the world. Doing that in real life sounds appealing but unfortunately the police might not agree with me in that aspect so I went ahead and settled for the next best option and purchased BF2142.

I know what you think, this is "BF2 Complete Collection" game, but allow me to explain.

During my gaming experience with BF2142 I liked it quite enough and decided to look for its previous version and happily found BF2 but cooled down from getting it because they had the game and 3 more expansions which meant more cd coasters and I'm not really fan of getting more media in my home than needed, so after a bit more searching finally found this game which compiles all the BF2 games in 1 single DVD install, I got it, went home and installed it.

The installation was pretty much clean and somewhat fast, I say somewhat because BF2 seems to like to read and reread the same patch 3 or 4 times continuously (most probably a programming error by someone at DICE) but after that was done I loaded the game and happily found out that the game works great and can play online almost immediately.

BF2 works great with mouse unless you plan on flying a jet in which case you need a joystick or a trackball to move the plane in the right direction, otherwise anything else can be played fine using a mouse alone and your keyboard.

The game itself is very fun when playing either alone or in a squad with some certain kicks here and there that appear depending on the server you connect to, I say this here because many servers to have some silly rules to enforce "fair game-play" of as I call it "play-by-our-rules-of-screw-off" examples of this are some servers that kick you out of you play a lone sniper, or kick you out if you can't fly a plane very well or kick you out if you attack the enemy base on your own or with others or with a tank.

These few nails on the shoes still don't deter me from enjoying a good time playing with similar minded people bent on destroying the enemy, so I join a squad and follow the lead of the squad leader which oddly enough seems to be to 'do the opposite he says' in short if the squad leader says "attack here" more often than not the rest of the people will be attacking "Not there!". This of course doesn't happen a lot, but happens 8 out of 10 games or so.

Now in the next game my squad leader was quite good and the team members were as good to, moving together or in the same direction, my only gripe this time was that the microphone users seem to forget some simple real life etiquette when speaking, like not talking with their mouths full, speaking in short clear sentences, or speak close to the mic in order to be heard without hearing the screams of the speakers and the baby crying in the background or the trash rock band playing on their tv's.

The next step was to try some of the expansions but unfortunately this is the area where i began to get more disappointed with the game, seems like a loot of people play BF2, but equally it seems those that have the game play only the main BF2 maps and games more than the expansions, you'll be lucky to find a expansion map with more than 16 players at some times, same applies for special forces, though its a bit of the same recipe as BF2 itself chances are you'll only be able to play 2 maps that are very popular and nothing else.

Overall BF2 is very good game that will please the need to shoot something after dealing with dumb customers all day long, but beware of flying jets or maps full of wanna-be Top-Gun pilots that will take your fun away while they fly all over in the planes and seem unable to shoot them down no matter how often or how many bullets and rockets you fire at them.

Finally as gaming goes BF2 is a good purchase, more so now even by being 1 or 2 years old it is still strong game to enjoy with people, do not pay much attention to the points or global stats, chances are the army will not call you even if you are the BF2 ace or best player in the world, just enjoy your game, grab your gun and kill some enemies old fashioned way.