Don't bother playing unless you have trigger-happy friends.

Turok: Rage Wars is one of the best multiplayer first person shooters for the N64. The game itself is designed completley around multiplayer frag fests, as a matter of fact, and you will find little to no story and rather easy single-player gameplay. Thus, GameSpot's bemoaning the enemy AI is kind of silly, because, quite frankly, the only reason to even play single-player is to unlock everything for multiplayer.

The control in Rage Wars is typical of Turok games, but a little slower. You will notice that your character certainly does not move as fast as he did in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, but you will adjust and get used to it. The weapons in Rage Wars are great: you can get some pretty neat guns such as the Inflator (which blows your opponent up like a balloon and makes him explode) and the Freeze Gun.

Overall, Rage Wars is a worthy investment... if you have some friends. If you live in the mountains or something, or just... don't have any friends, go play Turok: Dinosaur Hunter instead.