Prey- A game of limited length and value.

For the most part this game functions as a good adventure through a fairly well told and interesting storyline. Though it has been on/off of production for nearly 10 years it doesn't seem like it was really well put together. As many have said this game takes between 7-10 hours to complete the first run through, and after that multi-player is short lived, though this game had me entertained it never surprised me in the least bit. Enemy Artifical Intelligence is somewhat lacking and takes away any skill to the game, simply put its a 'run and gun shooter'. In its completion I am happy to get the full 1000 achievement points that are available, though it was not too hard to do so. The best thing about the game is its graphical upgrade when compared to many other first person shooters.

Last Thought: Rent it, get all the achievements, and return it. This game may look great but simply is not worth its money. I expected alot, but got a little, though it was fun while it lasted.