TMNT offers some interesting platforming elements, but repetitive and brain dead combat result in a mediocre game.

User Rating: 5 | TMNT X360
Pros: Platforming is good when the camera works with you. Easy achievements. Attractive art style, and top notch voice acting.

Cons: Several control issues become fairly frustrating over time. Bland backrounds. Cookie cutter AI. Short single player. No multiplayer to speak of. And combat is as dumb as can be.

TMNT is based on the spring CGI movie of the same name, and takes you through a mediocre adventure full of frustrating platforming and flat out boring combat.

The story is basically told as a flashback, while the turtles look back at how they became close brothers and a team that works together. Unfourtuanitly the story doesn't ever really explain well on why your doing what your doing at the moment. On the flip side the game treats the player
to very well done voice acting. But your out of luck, if you came here for a well told turtle tale.

TMNT is very platform heavy, you'll spend the bulk of your time swinging on monkey bars, jumping, wall scaling, flipping, and swinging your way through the games 16 levels. Which should take about 15-20 minutes to complete each of them.
The levels are fairly well made with all the platforming in mind, but the decent platforming is cursed with an annoying camera that doesn't always allow you to judge accurately on how far or where you need to jump. But when the camera doesn't get in your way, the platforming is satisfying and half way fun. Combat is straight forward, you basically tab the attack button over and over until all your foes are down.

Each turtle does come with a special move where they call in another turtle and perform a team attack, but you are in very few situations where you need to do this, because the combat is so easy. You do have a few attack which include kicking, a jump attack, and there is a very basic combo system. In some levels you only control one of the turtles that the level revolves around, but in most levels you have all four turtles but not on screen at once. You can press X to tag another turtle in, but there is only one turtle on screen at all times. So there is no co-op multiplayer to speak of, which would have aided this game a great deal if added.

Graphics are somewhat nice too look at, with a animation style but not really cel-shaded, and combat and platforming animations are fairly well done.
But with easy combat, frustrating camera, and short campaign this game falls short. TMNT does have some fun moments, but you'll quickly find yourself bored to tears.