Very good game if you stealth and turn off the glowing focus.

User Rating: 9 | Thief PS4

After reading all the bad reviews I almost cancelled my pre-order. I am glad I did not. After playing for 3+ hours I can honestly say I enjoy the game and it is much more interesting than people have claimed. I enjoy the stealth aspect very much. Hiding until the right moment is suspenseful and immersive. I agree the combat is weak, but the sneaking and storyline so far I have found fun and refreshing. I highly recommend this game to those who want a stealthy, patient, and different kind of game. I also recommend that you turn off the focus ability.



I TOTALLY agree, that those who like stealthy games and have patience (which stealth gamers should have in the first place), they should turn on few custom setting and will love this game... (it'sway over 6/10, that the Kevin gave... and on the next gent it's just gorgous and has the better atmosphre than Disonored..) 

besides that the Focus should be turned off and be it should be played on master.., I can also recommend 0 Alerts, steath takedowns only, zero damage ect..., all except for "no check point saves", "slow movments", "no kills & no KO's" and "iron man" should imo be turn on..  (but the tutorial should maybe be played first..., then customize the game)

I keep the loot gliter and some items glow on... (but I turn of the way point often...., especially when inside the missions... only when in the city hub, I sometimes turn it on for a moment, before takling a mission.. but that's actually not even needed, since the map shows the way anyways..)