Dont bother with this game it has some memerable moments but not enough to make it worth wile.

User Rating: 4.5 | Thief: Deadly Shadows XBOX
As a dihard stealth fan it was realy hard not to like thief but there was just to many short comings to make this game worth while the voice overs are not that great and the graphics are prety low to todays standards. While playing this game it fealt like it was meant for childreen with the way the objectives are set out and the ingame carecters it just didnt feal like a proper stealth game. The loading times are way to long (10-15 seconds) and it realy ruins whatever atmosoher the game has the transition points ar clouds of blue smoke for goodness sake (lame lame). On a whole they had a good base to work on and couldnt pull it off evan if you are a fan of splinter cell i still wouldnt recemend this game.