A great game BUT only if you have xbox live.

My review of this game is a little mixed but i am overall very pleased with my purchase of this game. The lack of single player is this games largest draw back and believe me when i say this is one hell of a draw back. The only thing you can do if you don't have live is play against bots on the nine maps in the game. Now don't get me wrong the bots are no slouches they will kick your a$$ if you underestimate them but this game is sooo much more fun when playing with real human beings. The game has no semblance of a story , that being said this is another flaw in this game. The Shadowrun story is a very cool one and they could have made a great single player game from it but it was totally wasted here. Put all that aside, what we do have here is a great multi player game that has a near endless combos of character class and ability's. The magic in this game takes FPS to a whole norther level and as stated in the start of the game the rules of combat have most certainly changed. teleporting, summons, healing trees, gliders and a host of other abilities, that takes what would other wise have been a run of the mill FPS and transforms it into one of the coolest and most creative multi player FPS ever seen.

Bottom line is if you have live and like FPS buy this game there is a ton of fun to be had here. If not do look somewhere else.