Good game, engaging story, TERRIBLE voice acting.

This is a very good game. Engaging story, believable characters although a little cliche. The art is beautifully immersive!

The typical point and click mechanics have been built upon and there are some novel ideas in the way you interact with the environment.

The writing is quite good and genuinely funny at times.

In fact, most everything about the game is great. There is, however, one element which is very lacking: voice acting.

The voice acting sounds like somebody ran the script through a text-to-speech program, yet there are times where you can tell that isn't the case. Sadly you will struggle to find those moments and wish you could turn off the voices altogether.

With better voice acting I would rate this 8.5/10 no problem, but without good voice acting the whole puzzle comes crashing down.

Very good game if you can grit your teeth through the talk scenes.