this is a great rpg; with every thing you need :awsome graphics; great soundtrack and you of the best story lines!!

altough this hasn't got must to explore and it is rather symplistic it as a soundrack and a story that will drown you into the game;the opening sequence is awsome with a great piano song and the ending the most touchting thing i've ever seen it made me cry a river!!!!! the gameplay is similar to other rpg but it is addicttive; and after you finished the game you things to do like killing the dark aeons; capturing monters; descoveryng secret aeons and you also also have blitzball that is a fun mini-game to play once you get used to it and you have tournaments to win and player tio recruit and more....but in this great experince the thing that exited me the most was the graphics beatiful fmv's and the summoning sequence is also great. if you like immersive games with a touching storyline and a great soundtrak and graphics this is a must have even if you prefer more complex rpg's full with sidequests and treasures, this is a great rpg period!!!!!!!!