Dont let the name fool you, this game is very different to the sims and the sims 2.

User Rating: 8.1 | The Urbz: Sims in the City GC
The urbz: Sims in the city is kinda like a sims game, well, it is a sims game but it is not exactly like the one we've played or the famous ones like simcity 2000, 3000, the sims and the sims 2, NO, this game is absolutely different, for you see, unlike the sims, this game lets you create your own 4 individual characters which you then control, but not the four of them at the same time, NO, one by one you can control them, things you couldnt do in the sims, welll, you can do it here is the urbz. it is definitely worth a try, i mean, seriously, if you are a sims fan you KNOW, every sims game is definitely worth a try because they either bring funny stuff to the table, or you have to create your own funny stuff. Now, my review of the urbz sims in the city starts off with the graphics like always, as it turns out, the graphics for the pc have look a little better for other sims games However, this one doesnt actually seem to match up or catch up those graphics even though it's on the gamecube, trust me, there's a big difference, therefore the maximum i would give it is a 8, (now dont get me wrong, the game still has good environmental graphics and the huge city looks awesome, but those have some minor flaws, something you shouldnt worry about). The sounds are basically the only thing i liked about the game, of course the gameplay was good but still the sounds, people, neighbors, kids all those talking and sleeping and making noises i love that, because they sound so real, besides i like making my own reality and the best way to do that is to rent a sims game, not just this one, but any sims game, specially the sims 2 which i in my opinion absolutely perfect. In Conclusion i think this game is definitely worth a try, dont get the idea that because it is not a popular sims game it isnt good, on the contrary, it is better than good, it is great.