The Worms Are Back With A Vengance

Worms 4, a hysterical 3rd Person muck-about-em-up. This game not only is funny, it's also well thought out, long lasting, customizable and a great game in it's own right. The customization is probably the main reason I brought this game, customize your own weapons, character and game styles sounded great. Then there was the amount of things available to customize and add, Gorilla heads from a plane anyone? The characters themselves are quirky and funny, ranging from crazy wizards to outrageous worms in black. The weapons and upgrades you have access to include cool weapons such as a rocket launcher, shotgun, bow & arrow, air strike, stone donkey, even inflatible scousers, Im sorry if I insult anyone but that's its name.The levels you play with your team are nicely sized bursts of action complete with multiplayer, tutorial, item shop, challenges, trophy room and more. With all this Worms 4 is wittled down to this, this game is good for those who have a lust for destruction mixed with comedy.