Great smooth and polished launch. game itself is marvelous in PvE and amazing in PvP. This MMO change the industry.

User Rating: 10 | The Secret World PC
The game is actually ready for launch. I have not part taken in a smoother launch before. Rift launch was not as good as TSW's launch even (Rift had 8 hours downtime while TSW virtually had none). Performance and FPS is also performing like a charm even on low key hardware. Dx11 is doing a marvelous job.

The game itself looks so fare very good in that PvE atmosphere is just so different from anything else you have played. This game basically take you back to old school RPGing... which is fantastic. You have to use paper and pencil and really pay attention in this game. This game blasts hours and gets very interesting as you progress deeper into it.

Progression in the game is also very different as there are no levels. I like it.. Have always been more of a fan of systems where you can deal points out to various skills instead of doing that leveling grind.

PvP was tested in BWE#4. I loved it but of course that was just a BWE experience. Either way I hope for the PvP to stay as interesting when I get to do it with my own character.

Great FunCom.. keep the good stuff coming.