I don't even know why I played this!!!

User Rating: 2 | The Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo GBC
Um, yeah...I hate to admit it, but I like watching the PowerPuff Girls! Heh, heh...well, I thought about buying this in some double pack with the other one...it was Paint Townsville Green or sumthin' when I was 6. I dunno what happened to the Buttercup version (Paint Townsville Green) at home. But both versions are pretty BAD...and same, so count this review the same as the other one.

Gameplay (3/10)
Bland, boring, and too hard (for me)! The enemies sometimes kill you...and you just feel like "biting someone's head" like my owner says.

Graphics (2/10)
Bad, awful...dumb, but hey, this is Game Boy Color.

Sound (2/10)
Music-awful. Sound-annoying.

Value (1/10)
Don't even BOTHER!!!

Reviewer's Tilt (3/10)
Completely disappointed me. =( Hated it, it's sooo bad...

-TOTAL SCORE- (2/10)
Hard, dumb, boring....that's all I need to say. Even to fans, this is probably just awful (I should know, I AM a fan). Don't bother even buying!