This game will make little kids cry. Beware!

User Rating: 2.2 | The Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo GBC
My mom got me this game for Christmas when I was about 10 to go along with my GBA(yeah she gave me a GBC game for my GBA, she wasn't exactly a games expert.) Before you flame my mom for giving this awful game to me let me tell you that back then neither of us knew that licensed games usually suck. And suck this game does. In fact you could say it sucks more than Paris Hilton and one of those robot vacuums combined. Zing! Man I'm good. Where to start. How about the Gameplay. The combat is virtually broken. It could have been simplistic but painless but thanks to controls and collision detection that are about as responsive as George Bush was to Hurricane Katrina(Bam!), it is video game hell. When you attack an enemy with a basic punch or kick it will take a few seconds to respond either do to the crappy controls or the awful collision detection. Also if you collect enough bottles of "Chemical X" you will be able to perform a ice breath attack which freezes your enemies IF it works. Moving around feels floaty and most of the time you go around collceting little trinkets that have no real point as far as I can remember. The graphics are lackluster with pixelated sprites that wouldn't look nice on an NES. The backrounds are bland and the enemies range from boring to ridiculous(what is that flying vaguely humanoid thing shotting at me?) The sound is even worse since the music is actually painful to listen too. It is horrible even by GBC standards. At least the little voice samples are audible and thats all the nice things I can say about this game. Don't by it for your kids unless you want them to stay away from video games! Worst game I have ever played.