things I can say good about the game is that it isn't totally broken and the game is pretty short so beating it isn't to

In my thirst for RPG's or anything even close to looking or playing like an RPG, I picked up Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements. About the only thing that impressed me with the game was the level designs and the physics. Everything else was bland or even worse.

The story is the average prophecy-coming-true tale with a twist that is more see through than scotch tape. It's a shame too because I was at least looking for a story that kept me entertained for the duration of the game. DMMM: E just left it up to the game play to keep my interest.

Even then, it wasn't able to accommodate my needs. I played as an assassin and to my dismay; I found the stealth aspect leaving much to be desired. At first stealth was too easy or down right impossible because of the things that triggered the enemies but as my skills in stealth increased, the ease of sneaking did too. I was pretty much able to walk right in front of characters despite the slight mood lighting in the environment without the slightest notice from any of the characters. Dark Messiah makes it far too easy to be an effective assassin.

Combat proved to be a little more engaging than that of Oblivion's but never seemed impressive or as visceral as a game like Riddick's melee. In fact the majority of the game suffered from being below mediocre.

I guess I can hit on the high points before I got back to beating the game up. For the most part, the level design looked nice and you could fully explore every nook and cranny of a level to find hidden chests, relics and items. Also the physics of this game where top notch and every level was littered with enemies to kick off things or things to knock down on enemies' heads.

Now back to the bad…I'll just lump them together. It's silly that each level was littered with things to knock on enemies' heads. Shelving was just stacked with dozens of boxes, there were just tons and tons of spiked racks sitting around and just things like that that made the decoration of the environment a bit improbable.

The AI only knew how to charge or run away. There were dozens of weapons and armor but unless you were a class that can use them, they did nothing but check off that you found the item in a check list.

The voice acting was done in a hammy fashion and the main girl that talks the most throughout the story sounds like a bad acting porn star. Just having the volume up could be embarrassing should some people listen to what's going on in the game.

There were bugs such as when you throw barrels, they simply disappear most of the times, and there are some traps that suffered from terrible collision detection seeing as I fell through a wall and then got crushed by the trap. Creatures could get stuck in walls.

All in all DMMM: E is just a terrible port of a game that was buggy to begin with. The game doesn't even try to be mediocre. The last things I can say good about the game is that it isn't totally broken and the game is pretty short so beating it isn't torture.