The Godfather. Greatest Movie based game in History!

User Rating: 8.5 | The Godfather PS2
The Godfather is a game that originated from the classic movie trilogy known as “The Godfather”, starring actors such as Al Pacino, Robert Deniro etc. The game begins on the streets of Little Italy with your own personal created character, which starts as an outsider to the Corleone Family. You then hastily plunge yourself into a world full of crime and deceit, death and utter hatred. Finding out that animosity is forever brewing in the five boroughs, in which the game consists of, between the five families¾Corleone, Stracci, Tattaglia, Cuneo, and Barzini¾ all hoping to be the next family in which seizes total control of the whole of New York City, you began to extort businesses, take over warehouses, seize rackets, and take control of an entire borough. In doing this, you gain what is called in the game “Respect Points”, that enable you to boost your characters abilities. For example, speed, health, shooting, fighting etc. With you rising in status within the family, the game takes on a storyline that remains true to the original Godfather movie.

Now I know what you are thinking, how can there ever be a Godfather game with out the use of some remarkable weapons? To set at ease your fears, you have the option of choosing between a various quantities of weapons, which you upgrade throughout the progress of the game. Hey, if the shotgun does not suit you well, why not use the Saturday Night Special, or the Machine gun to blow your opponents away. If you are not an entity of total chaos and you prefer the stealthy approach, why not try the Garotte, to strangle your enemies without drawing attention. There is no mercy with these weapons, and with betrayal on an all time high, you cannot go wrong with any of them. It is all your fashion and the way you like to present yourself.

The game play and graphics of the game are exceptional. The combination of these two facilitates the process of the game and more importantly, its understanding without all those unnecessary glitches. The graphics are not really something to ogle over, but it is enough to make out the game. The game play, as well, is not very intricate and can easily work in order to keep up with the games progress. Shooting is one of the main features of the game that is very entertaining. You have the choice to shoot your enemy to disable him or make him totally immobile, or in other words, dead. I know gamers across the world are tired of picking up a wide variety of different weapons and they all utter the same sound when shot, however, the Godfather will not leave you disappointed. The sound that emanates from your speakers when you let a projectile loose is one of a kind, and it changes with each gun you use, making it all the more unique. Different guns have different affects on your enemies. For example, a pistol will not devour as much health as a shotgun would from your enemy.

The Godfather is a well-made game and is not an utter disappointment to the immense amount of gamers across the world. As stated initially, it remains true to its source and is entertaining, leaving you nowhere near bored. It is your style, your world, Live It!!!!