My review on The Darkness a good addaptation not like others -.-

User Rating: 8.5 | The Darkness PS3
Ok so this game it's an addaptation of the comic book to the game and it's a pretty good addaptation not like others (e.g:Superman returns).
So you wake up in the back of a car with two tipical Italian mobsters and then BUM!You crash and one of your friend's die.So then you go to the cemitery and you get your darkness powers...The darkness powers are like a venerial disease's come from the familly (correct me if i'm wrong).
Then you die 3 times and go back to the WWII and meet your great-great-great-great-grandpa and he's gonna tell you how much he messed up!
This game it's pretty good actually.It's the best addaptation that i've ever played in my life.The graphic's are awesome you can see the ribs when you take the heart's.The jogabillity it's kinda difficult...Not very difficult...Mildly difficult....The WWII parts can be a pain in the ass but you'll envetually get it right...
So this was my review on the darkness.