Not the best, but good enough.

I received this game as a gift for Easter. I put it in my Xbox, thinking it would be an amazing new experience that I would be highly addicted to. To my surprise, it was only just some new features and maps that could've been easily added on to the first Vegas with a few downloads from the Xbox Live system. The reason I'm giving it a 7.5 is because Vegas 1 was a very good game, and Vegas 2 is mostly good things, but doesn't quite deliver the satisfaction that I was expecting from the developers at Ubisoft, especially with a Tom Clancy game, which have been traditionally great.
-Nice new weapons
-Ranking up in story mode
-New features such as sprinting (makes running from grenades and death a lot easier)
-No graphical upgrade, some visual glitches
-They didn't fix the sidearm/SMG origins, they still look mediocre
-Not a sequel as much as an add-on pack.
Good game, story is kind of repetitive. But, if you liked Vegas 1, you might like it enough to buy. However, just to be safe, as always, rent it before you buy it.