Great Game To Keep The Younger Audience Entertained.

User Rating: 7 | Surf's Up PS3
Okay, this is another movie game, haha, do they get anoying or what? This game is based off the movie Surf's Up. A few things I like about this game is the graphics and sound. They use great details on the penguins and water and other things. It's sound quality is supringsly good. It uses good dialog and doesn't really get anoying like the other boring movie games you played. The controls in this game are tough. It takes you a while to get the hang of them. Beleive me, sometimes it gets so bad... you want to throw your controller at the wall, haha. I just about did it. I wish that the makers of movie games would put a little more effort into them so the old audience would enjoy them too. So if you have a little brother or sister I would reccamend this game to them... because they don't really care about the graphics, and controls, they just want to play. So thanks but no thanks for making an okay game. 7/10