This game is a blast to play, you will have fun for hours on end playing this game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Street Fighter IV X360
For those who love fighter games and are looking for something fresh (well, sort of), then look no further because Super Street Fighter IV is officially out. For those who have played Street Fighter IV (and read my review) this game is not the exact same game. This game introduces 10 new characters from Street Fighter II, III, and Alpha 2. They also introduce 2 brand new characters. The first is Juri, who is a Taekwondo fighter who works for Seth. The other is Hakan, a world famous oil wrestler who owns most of the olive oil industry. One thing that you will notice about this game is all the characters have pretty much been balanced out so there really is not a clear cut powerhouse (although Zangief is still a pain to beat). They also brought 2 bonus stages. One is destroying a car which was originally on Street Fighter II, and another were you have to destroy 20 barrels as they come down.
As for all the characters that were previously in Street Fighter IV, all of them have 12 different colors for their outfits, as well as 2 Ultra Combos, however you can only choose 1.As soon as you beat Arcade mode with a character, who have the ability to go back and play it again with the same character, only you can have the original Japanese voice acting if you choose. You can also turn off the option to skip all the bonus stages.
As far as online play is concerned, they have added more options for those who wish to kick ass online. Team Battle allows you to join with 3 other players and have a 4 on 4 fight. Replay channel lets you record your fights so you can go back and watch them later.Endless Battle is a never ending cycle of fights with up to 8 people fighting 1 on 1.
Overall this game is amazing. For those who already own Street Fighter IV, you might feel as if this game is just the same with with downloadable content already on the disk. As for those who do not have this game and wish to pick up an awesome fighting game, this is it. The game is $39.99 brand new, which is a steal for this game. 35 characters, and lots and lots of playtime both on and offline. This game is so far in my opinion the best Fighting game of 2010.