Unless you hate Mario from the pit of your heart, this is a must-buy for any Wii owner.

Let me just get this out of the way; Super Mario Galaxy is all it's cracked up to be. With great controls, amazing visuals, and the best levels in history, I agree with almost everything the GS review states.

I sometimes found myself long-jumping off of a small platform to watch Mario fling around it for a few seconds just for fun. There are no areas where gameplay it feels like a chore. (With a few rare exceptions however)

I was however not very impressed by the game's Score however. It never really gets above average. Nothing will stick in your head that isn't already a remix from some other game. At least it doesn't feel forced.

And I do agree with the GS review that the storyline isn't very nice either. Since when did Nintendo think that we really cared about a story for a Mario game in the first place? That's one thing that made Mario 64 so wonderful. Because there basically WAS no story.

Mario comes to the castle for cake.
Peach isn't there…the castle is in terror.
Mario gets all the stars and kills Bowser. (again)
Peach floats out of a stain glass window.
Mario gets a kiss on the nose and Peach bakes that fore mentioned cake.
The end.

See? That's not really a storyline. It's just enough to help the game make since.
But this is not the case with Galaxy.

But regardless of these few little drags, there is almost no one that I couldn't recommend this game for. If you own a Wii, please…buy this game.