Disappointing to an extent

F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin is a game made by Monolith a decent 1st person shooter company. First ill start with some pros, the gameplay in the game had a good feel and i enjoyed this controls and setup. The campaign was a average length adn multiplayer i found fun. The multiplayer was actually suprisingly fun. its 2 teams trying to finish an objective or just down right team deathmatch. Now toward the cons. The game was not scary one bit, this bored me and i think they missed on some parts that they could have gave you a thrill. The multiplayer characters look horrible running around, just terrible. The campaign left questions not answerd. I think the game was good just not good enough to the hype that it was played out for. This is tyler caporaso giving fear 2 a 8.5/10. (Ignore this) FEAR 2 Fear 2 FEAR 2 Fear 2 FEAR 2 Fear 2