Basicially the original Street Fighter done right!

User Rating: 10 | Street Fighter II GB
Street Fighter Alpha may have fluidity towards its collision detection, smooth framerate animation when characters, choppy animation at its best and the worst collision detection imaginable, but its Street Fighter doggone it! I'm a huge fan of the series ever since i've pulled off my first shoryuken on the local arcade cabinet. However, i understand the gripes about this game and i have to defend its honor from the gameplayer inside of me. The game only uses 2 buttons, which are not pressure sensitive for some reason, but with precise timing, you can pull off any move variation of strength. Most if not all of the characters are modeled after Super Street Fighter 2 instead of SF2, so if you are a SF fact afficinado such as myself, you can point out Blanka's slide manuever, Ken/Ryu's flaming Shoryuken/Hadoken, or the addition of playable boss characters. 3 characters have been omitted, so with the addition of the boss characters Sagat, M. Bison and the boxer Balrog, Dhalsim, Vega, and E. Honda do not make an appearance in the game. I continually find myself appaled at the game's movement when both characters are walking, the equivalent of shaking an etch a sketch while concentrating on the picture being erased. The character models look great on the tiny screen, the backgrounds are a little bland but get the job done, and the music processor works wonders with the music, the sound effects are hit and miss at best. I am truly a Street Fighter fan, and yeah i could purchase SFA3 Max for my PSP, but this is close as i'll get to reliving those good days where i'm in the arcade playing this classic game. I won't give it a perfect score only because of the moving animation, but just stand still and throw a spinning pile driver man! Sheesh!