Street Fighter Alpha Awsome

User Rating: 6.3 | Street Fighter Zero 3 PS
Street Fighter is arguably the best 2-D fighting franchise in the history of games. Today, we are here to review Street Fighter Alpha 3. This is the final game in the Street Fighter Alpha series. All of your favorite characters make a return for the third game. It boasts thirty-two different characters, each with three unique fighting styles. None of the characters in the game are copies; they are all completely unique from one another. The individual styles each of the characters represents is shown throughout the Street Fighter Series. This time around the game incorporates the new World Tour Mode. This is where you start off in Japan and fight battles across many different countries. In each country you fight different characters and gain experience to upgrade your fighter.
There are many different moves to unleash on your opponent. Each character has his or her own combos and special moves that can unleash huge amounts of damage. They didn’t change up the fighting style any in this installment. It is as great as ever. The one thing that they did increase is the difficulty toward the end of the game, which becomes ridiculous.