X-wing Alliance is a solid space combat simulation that holds up to the X-wing Name.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance PC
X-wing Alliance is great fun for anyone who still remembers the days of X-wing and Tie-fighter. It has a fairly interesting story, and an ok campaign, but the skrimish mode is where it really shows off. Designing your own missions and flying against a huge variety of enemies is great fun for anyone. The campaign can be boring and frustrating, but it has its great moments and fun missions, and offers quite a challenge at times, although this can be very frusturating. Multiplayer is fun the few times ive played it, but they unfortunately shut down the zone, although there is an underground of multiplayer x-wing alliance players still who get together to play the great game. The graphics are adequate, pretty dam good at times in fact, and the sound is great, although the voice acting isnt perfect or anything, it's ok. It also has a fairly immersive story. Overall, although it has its flaws, X-wing Alliance is still one of the greatest space combat simulation games ever made, and i reccomend it to anyone whatsoever.