What A waste!

User Rating: 4 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II X360
I seen that this game was coming out and watched all the videos. I played the first one and had enjoyed it. So I was excited for this one and got it the first day it was out. I was done with the main story in less than 5 hrs and thats with taking an hr break. My wife had even watched some of the videos w/ me and wanted to see the game when I got it. Neither of us could believe we wasted $60 on a game that might as well have been a dlc for the first one. Boss battles were to easy. Levels weren't consistent. Most of the time you were running through empty corridors waiting for a fight and when you got it they just let you down. The final battle you spend 20 minutes fighting Vader and some worthless clones that you can just mind control but your attacks take very little away from Vader anyways. The only saving grace is the Cut Scenes but they can only take a game so far.