Man i don't know how people hate this game if your a duke fan like me you'll really enjoy it

the only people who gave this game a bad review are the people who are not fans of duke nukem alot of you are saying this game has been on the shelf for 12 years it should have been better after all that time just remember 3D Realms was in trouble finacially and going through a legal battle for the rights to the duke nukem franchise and when 2K games bought the rights they didn't have 12 years they got it out so the next will be really good duke nukem forever was put out to make the fans happy for all you people that gave this game a bad review i would like to see you people make a video so i can give it a bad review. and what you half you people don't know makeing a video game is not easy so for everyone who gave this game a bad review should show some respect to gear box and 2K games for pumping out a game really fast and still haveing it look good in the process and for every bad review this game got i would like to see those people pump out a game as fast as gearbox and 2K games and make it look good just like they did when i saw the reviews these reviews came from non duke nukem fans i am a duke nukem fan and my review on this game was an 8.5 i cant wait for the next one HAIL TO THE KING BABY