One of the best multiplayer console shooters every to land on earth!

Wow, after downloading the BF2:MC demo and giving this game a try. I knew I had to get it. A long time back, I rented this game before I had Xbox Live, and thought it was okay, but of course, I didn't have access to multiplayer, so I was missing about 70% of the Battlefield 2 experience. But then when I got Xbox Live, this game became a huge part of my Xbox life. Lets get the single-player over with, since the multiplayer is what this game is about. There is a campaign which takes place in a fictional war between the U.S., European Union, and China. Your givin about 20 missions to complete objectives on foot, or in vehicles. The campaign is fun, but feels like an afterthought in comparison to the phenominal multiplayer. Speaking about multiplayer, this is where Modern Combat truley shines! Up to 24 player on gigantic mapes feels truley epic, and you feel like your really acommplishing something. There are only two modes-conquest, and capture-the-flag. Conquest the only mode you'll really want to play in the end. In case you don't know what it is, it's where you try to capture different spawn points throughout the map. Whoever has the most spawn zones in control by the end wins. This might seem basic, but it gets extreamly deep and tactical. For example-should I charge the spawn point in a jeep with a buddy and capture it, or should I stay back as a sniper and pick off everyone before moving in. Or I can fly in a helicopter, bombard the command post with missles, and then let my friends take it over, or I can simply call in an air-strike and then do my thing? You get the point! The maps have lots of exotic and varied terrain to fight on. Desserts, urban war-zones, swamps, and arctic regions are all in the middle of the fight and make each match feel fresh. As always, you get to choose between 5 different soldier classes-Assualt (general combat), Sniper (long range combat), Special Ops (stealth/sabotage), Engineer (anti-amor/vehicle repair), and Support (medic/general combat). Each class has their own specific jobs to do, and even though the snipers are often overused, the sniping feels solid. Battlefield has always been known for vehicles, so strap yourself into jeeps, tanks, apcs, assualt buggies, speed-boats, and even helicopers. All of the vehicles are easy to use, so you don't need much practice (except for the helicoper, it's a bit more complicated then the other vehicles.) Battlefield 2:Modern Combat is an exteamly fun for its online frag-fests, but if your not connected to Xbox Live, this title is not worth anything more than a rental. But if you are connected to XBL, by all means purchase this title! (Don't forget it is now an Xbox 360 Platinum Hit!)