It may be dated, but this game has everything SW fans wanted in a video game 10 years ago and still satisfy our needs...

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars Dark Forces PC
Gameplay - The game is revolutionary for allowing you to be able to jump and crouch and look up and down. Sadly, the mouse cannot be used for looking around like we're used to in FPS today so it suffers slightly from that. The 'auto aim' makes up for the keyboard's lack of precision aiming but it still will feel quite strange for those who have never played the game before. This game is very similar to its sequel, Jedi Knight, in that it puts a balanced focus on action and puzzles. It has no MP, but the 14 mission single player campaign is more than enough to have kept me hooked. Graphics - Ugh. The game's one weakpoint to today's standards. I think the enemy models and most of the textures look pretty decent for when they were made. It can get a bit nauseating at times but you can toggle the 'head wave' which may be the cause of that. Sound - The sound is old and crummy quality. But the sounds still convey everything that is Star Wars. Plus, the music has alot of original stuff woven into the movie soundtracks so unlike all of the other games of the series, it has its own unique feel to it that none of the others had. The voices of the enemies are all great; no complaints anywhere in this department. The voices in the cutscenes, save for Kyle's, are all great. Kyle's isn't necessarily bad, but it's nothing like what he sounds like in any of the other games. Value - As I said before, the game has no multiplayer, but that doesn't affect me any. I play games for the single player campaigns and this one has a rich storyline full of colorful, original characters as well as a few from the movie. I seriously have put in close to 100 hours into this game in the past 10 years. It's well crafted level designs and secret areas may beg you to go back and replay them as I have. All in all, a great game. It costs less than $10 today so why not give it a go if you call yourself a fan of Jedi Outcast/ Jedi Academy? See how Kyle's legacy started!