Everyone wants to help Master Chief finishing his mission and to save cortana from that spaceship full of flood...

Well to start with this, this is the 3 part of halo, and this game is only avaliable for xbox 360 and this game sare about the humans fighting with the aliens (the convenant), and Master chief is the last spartan (super strong soldiers designed for war) that helps the humans to finish their missions.

Difficulty: In this game you can select your difficulty, but its hard to go through the game in legendary soo:

Multiplayer: Awesome multiplayer, you can play missions with 2 players and if you play in live you can play with more people, and theres matchmaking:

Music: Theres excellent music in every level that goes well with the game:

Story: As i told you in the beginning of the review, he promises to save cortana , when its almost impossible, but in the end he saves her.

Graphics: It has awesome graphics, it shows almost every detail of the armor:

Conclusion: Awesome game with almost perfect score.