Adds a few missions to Spore, but is stunningly short, boring and downright stupid.

User Rating: 5.5 | Spore Galactic Adventures PC
The game basically revolves around your hero, which you beam down to various planets, looking for missions. After every mission you get a specified amount of points, which you can then use to upgrade equipment like blasters, health packs, and jet-packs (my favourite) I got the game thinking I was able to beam down onto most planets shoots some aliens, talk to some trees or villagers, and leave. I got that 3 times. Then the rest of the missions left for me were, go over there, kill dungeon master, take item, gave back, confetti, confetti, confetti. So basically, it started to get boring. Well, you say, there's always the user created missions! Well, yes and no. The user created missions have had no care put into them, have barely any points value (used to level up gear for your hero), and are stunning short, boring and downright stupid. Ok, for $20, its pretty good, but don't expect any sleepless nights.

5.5 / 10